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About Me

Working with people for the past 15 years has taught me a lot about what the human spirit can overcome. When people are given a supportive environment and a safe relationship, they can let down their guard and heal. I believe each of us has amazing resources that we don't even know about. I also help people learn new skills to feel better within themselves and get along better with others. It is my mission to help people find those resources and allow them to flourish and prosper in their lives. I offer psychotherapy and coaching, as well as consultation to other psychotherapists. My passion is helping trauma survivors enjoy life again, making their lives worth living and putting an end to unnecessary suffering.

I came to this work out of a desire to be of service to my community, for those who have suffered from traumatic events and seem stuck in low self-esteem and negativity. I was trained to be sensitive and responsive to people from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and I proudly serve BIPOC clients as well as people from many different religious backgrounds.

It is a joy to see a person become empowered and able to live comfortably in the present, especially when they were trapped in a painful past. As Helen Keller said, "although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." I believe that not only can we survive what happens to us, we can allow it to help us thrive and sometimes even reinvent ourselves as our better selves.

Lisa S. Larsen, PsyD
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