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Awareness Within

Updated: Aug 31

We often wonder how to be happy and content, while racing toward the future or bemoaning the past. This recording helps you focus on the present moment and bring your awareness inside of you. Some people have a hard time doing this because they have what's called in real estate "deferred maintenance" on their inner landscape. They don't know how to be still and tranquil within themselves. Like any skill, this can be learned and mastered, so that when you really need to let go and relax, you can. There's nothing to fear within you, because it is all your creation. Your thoughts, your images, your memories – they are all yours and while one part of you might feel upset about those things, another part is very wise about what to keep and what to discard. Why don't you take a moment now to get comfortable, close the door, and opened the door within to your new experience of awareness within? Just click here to listen.


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