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Increasing Awareness Within Through Hypnosis

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Older Caucasian woman in lotus position in front of ocean waves
We can appreciate the inner landscape of our minds more easily when we are nonjudgmentally aware

In the United States culture and many other Western societies, very little time is spent looking inward. Were often looking outside of ourselves for satisfaction, validation, success, excitement. This leaves us with a certain weakness of the self-examination muscles.

We don't know how to look within without being judgmental, critical, and using the comparing mind to punish ourselves. We need to be able to take responsibility for our mistakes, but also our weaknesses with tenderness and compassion. Without that, we can't be expected to truly grow as human beings.

Look Within

What would it be like to take the time to develop that skill? You have the opportunity to work on it now. It doesn't take more than 1/2 an hour or so to listen to this recording; it can be a respite from the constant chatter in your mind.

The more we learn to be still and look within nonjudgmentally, the less harsh and punitive we are to ourselves and others. The more you train your brain to become centered and still, the easier it becomes. This is much like any skill. With repetition, comes mastery and confidence.

Discovering your inner experience

All great discoveries start with the self, and as the Buddha said, the mind is the forerunner of all things. If we can learn to look at what were thinking, feeling, experiencing and not give in to the messages that we have been programmed with by society, our parents, etc., we can start to notice many improvements in our lives. To soften the heart and open it leads to better relationships, including the one with yourself.

Meditating young African-American woman
Looking for peace of mind?

We often wonder how to be happy and content, while racing toward the future or bemoaning the past. This recording helps you focus on the present moment and bring your awareness inside of you.

Some people have a hard time doing this because they have what's called in real estate "deferred maintenance" on their inner landscape. They don't know how to be still and tranquil within themselves. Like any skill, this can be learned and mastered, so that when you really need to let go and relax, you can.

A gentle invitation to new territory

There's nothing to fear within you, because it is all your creation. Your thoughts, your images, your memories – they are all yours and while one part of you might feel upset about those things, another part is very wise about what to keep and what to discard. Why don't you take a moment now to get comfortable, close the door, and open the door within to your new experience of awareness within?

Just click here to listen.