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Updated: Sep 1

Recently I have been blessed enough to be quoted in a few articles. I thought I would share these ideas and articles with you because they are important topics. I hope that they help you. If I am quoted in more articles, I will add to the page in the future.

How to Talk Lovingly to your Body

In Popsugar

What is self-respect and why is it so important?

In Up Journey

Why do people avoid mental health treatment?

In Thriveworks

How counselors and counselors are portrayed in the media.

In Thriveworks

EMDR for Traumatic Grief: Where my heart is

In TheraNest blog

How to Keep Your Mind Focused at Work

In Thriveworks

Preventing depression in Older Adults

In A Place for Mom

Are you suffering from holiday stress?

In Thriveworks

Joie de Vivre

In ThriveGlobal

20 Best Relationship Books

In UpJourney

Everyday Worries that Mean you should pay attention to your anxiety

In Bustle

15 things to say to relatives who ask you why you're single over the holidays

In Bustle

25 Ways to Relax That Don’t Cost a Cent

In Readers Digest

Giving Up Social Media For Month Can Have These Five Benefits, According To Psychologists

In Bustle

How to be Mature in a Relationship

In UpJourney


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