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I specialize in helping people cope with the symptoms arising from PTSD, traumatic stress, and loss. These include grief and depression, which often occur when we lose someone or something important to us. Anxiety is also a very natural response to PTSD and traumatic stress. Sometimes, people experience panic attacks as traumatic events, or they might develop other anxiety symptoms when their early developmental needs are not met by their families.


Another common response to traumatic experiences and loss is the desire to seek comfort or numb one's pain through substances like cigarettes or food. I've seen many people who develop eating problems as a result of trauma or loss. Sleep is often affected by all of these symptoms, and people can develop insomnia or hypersomnia (sleeping too little or too much). Clinical hypnosis can help bypass the conscious mind and all of its doubts and insecurities, to help you reduce stress and the need to smoke, overeat, stay up late, etc.

I strive to make all of my services LGBT-friendly and culturally sensitive to people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Over the years, I have worked successfully with many adolescents and adults of the LGBTQQIA community, and am proud to serve people from diverse backgrounds.

brooding person by brut carniollus
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