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LGBTQ-friendly Teen & Preteen Grief & Trauma Treatment 

smiling kids, about 12 yrs old, who appear to be of African and Caucasian descent
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Is your teen or preteen kid struggling with trauma or loss?


If your kid is 12-19 years old and struggling academically, socially or emotionally, it can be stressful for the whole family. Maybe you find it’s hard to have a conversation with them, or they are struggling to manage their feelings at school or home.  They might be struggling in school because they’re distracted by the pain and turmoil inside, and they’re hiding things from you that make you worried. They used to be more open and friendly, but now they’re distant and moody. You might be wondering how they’re coping with something bad that happened to them, because they just won’t open up to you. But you can tell they’re struggling, and they need to talk to someone who can help them feel okay again.  


Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re noticing how this impacts your child and your family…

  • You and your family members walk on eggshells around them because you’re afraid of upsetting them

  • They seem down and look at the floor when you speak to them

  • They don’t sleep well and seem withdrawn from other people



Trauma and grief therapy for preteens and teens can help.


It may feel impossible now, but you can have a healthier, more easygoing relationship with your kid again. You can notice them feeling more at ease, more outgoing with others. The same loveable kid is inside there, wanting someone to care and give them space to heal and grieve. And I can help them with that.


Trauma and grief therapy for teens helps you do 4 things:

  • Put words to uncomfortable, scary or angry things that have happened to them

  • Recognize how these events have shaped their thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Relieve the traumatic stress of what they’ve been through and give them tools to handle stress better in the future

  • Talk about things that they don’t feel comfortable saying to their mom/dad/caregiver, but they need to, so they can move on from those secrets towards accepting themselves better.


I’ll guide them through this process, tailoring each step to their unique needs and circumstances. My approach to teen and preteen therapy comes from a place of strengths and resilience: whatever has happened to them is just one aspect of their history. There is so much more to them than that, and this event doesn’t have to define the rest of their lives.



It’s time to help your kid rise from the ashes and realize how special, strong and loveable they are.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about therapy for teens and preteens):


Q: What are therapy sessions for teens and preteens like?

A: Therapy for teens and preteens is not dissimilar to what I do for adults, but I focus more on how they are doing with their families and school. The fact that the therapy is online allows some flexibility in school schedules and means that they can be seen during the day, when the parents are at work. This helps them be seen sooner. I create a safe space for them to express themselves in ways they might feel uncomfortable doing with their parents. I give them coping tools to deal with whatever they’re facing, and allow them to talk about difficult topics life loss, trauma, rejection and relationship issues.  


Q: Do I as a parent get to know what my kid says in therapy?

A: Your kid needs to feel safe, and so do you. I make it clear to both the minor client and adults taking care of them that the majority of what they discuss with me is private, but if there are risks to their wellbeing like addictive behavior, self-destructive habits, or anyone’s safety is compromised, I share that with the adults. I encourage the teen/preteen to talk to you as a caregiver, either with me present in a session or without me, and we may have family sessions to facilitate better communication among family members.


Q: How do I know if therapy for teens and preteens will work for my child?

A: While I can’t make guarantees, I can assure you that I have successfully helped hundreds of young people cope better with their struggles over the 20+ years I’ve been practicing. I know what it’s like to be a kid struggling with trauma and grief, among other challenges, and I combine that with my clinical training and experience to help them transform their pain into meaning and purpose.


Q: How do we get started?

A: If you think your teen or preteen would benefit from working with me, please call me at 661-233-6771 and we can schedule a time to discuss your child’s needs, and whether I’d be a good fit. After that we can schedule an intake session and your kid and I can get to know each other and start the healing process.

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