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Trauma-informed Training & Consultation

People consulting; training and consultation in complicated grief and trauma treatment

If you're a psychotherapist and you're struggling with a case that involves the treatment of complicated grief or trauma, I would be happy to consult with you. Even if you're an experienced therapist and have worked with these types of issues before, it can help to have a specialist's point of view. Alternatively, if you don't work with grief and trauma much, you might recognize the need to get the guidance of someone who's passionate about these cases, for extra support.


Consultation for trauma and complicated grief cases

You might be working with a client who loses someone unexpectedly during the course of your work. They might have traumatic shock or not know how to cope. Another client might reveal to you during their treatment that they were raped or sexually assaulted when they were younger. You didn't see this coming and you might be thinking, "Whoa! This is heavy! I don't know what to do. Should I refer out?"


You don't necessarily have to stop treatment and force the client to form a whole new bond with a new therapist. I would be honored to consult with you. I have 20+ years post post licensure experience and much of it has been with treating trauma and grief. 


Training in Complicated Grief and Trauma

If you're new to the field or want to learn more about these concerns, I also have training opportunities for you. One is my three-hour, on-demand class available through the Zur Institute on Traumatic Grief. This covers the latest research and treatment options for identifying and treating Traumatic Grief (also known as complicated grief or Prolonged Grief Disorder), in adults.

The other option is live consultation over HIPAA-secure video. I am licensed in California, so I cannot practice psychotherapy outside of the state. However, I provide consultation and answer questions about trauma, complicated grief, EMDR therapy, and clinical hypnosis for therapists wherever you're located.


Of course, if you're out of state, you'll need to consult your state or country's laws about practicing therapy. Nonetheless, I can help you understand your client's needs and help you develop a solid treatment plan. While I am not an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant, I do have years of experience with treating trauma survivors and people dealing with acute and complicated bereavement.


If you would like to schedule a 50 minute consultation, please call me at (661) 233-6771.

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