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If you've suffered a trauma like losing a loved one suddenly & unexpectedly, you might feel alone,  alienated from others, and helpless to ease your suffering.​ You may feel marginalized for how you express your grief & trauma. Luckily, you don't have to go through this alone. Grief and trauma therapy can help you get unstuck from your pain.
We can get through this together.

Welcome to My Site!

If you're here, you have suffered a loss or other trauma that is still affecting you, and you want help. I am here to help you individually or with your relationship with therapy for grief and trauma. Here's a brief overview of what's on this site and how it can help you!

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You feel like no one understands your pain...

Our society doesn't like vulnerable emotions. Grief, the response to experiences of loss and bereavement, is the ultimate vulnerable experience. You have no control over someone you love dying or losing your health to a serious or chronic illness. Traumatic incidents also render you raw and vulnerable when they haven't been processed. Relationship struggles can also make you feel unloved, lonely and lost. Being part of a marginalized group like the LGBTQ+, especially in a conservative area, can also render you unsafe emotionally and physically, leading to susceptibility to minority stress and loss of relationships. I understand and feel passionate about helping you navigate this experience.

The emotional impact of grief and trauma can be overwhelming...

Loss or other traumatic events can feel devastating -- even if it happened a long time ago. Stuck emotions can interfere with your relationships with others, doing well at work or school and life satisfaction You might be more reactive, angry or withdrawn from your friends, family and love relationships. Happiness may elude you as you struggle with anxiety or depression. It might seem selfish to you to enjoy life, especially if you feel guilty about surviving while a deceased loved one didn't. Normal life activities like driving or working might make you anxious. 


You might feel stuck in the past and act in disturb ways. Maybe you worry that you're going crazy or that this emotional storm will last forever. If you were mistreated by your caregivers, romantic partners, peers, or someone with power over you, facing newer losses and traumas can be harder. Your loss might have been sudden and alarming or slow and subtle, like narcissistic abuse or losing a loved one to dementia. You might have lost several people in a short amount of time and never had enough time or coping skills to grieve.

And then there's the negativity of others' responses...

People might tell you to "get over it already" or look down on you for suffering anxiety, depression, or PTSD from your traumas. Your relationships might be negatively impacted by your traumatic past, which makes you feel even lonelier. Because of how you identify or love, you might have emotional distance from family members who don't accept or value you as a human. The isolation and social rejection just makes it even more painful to face life's big stressors.

You are not alone. Everyone goes through loss or transitions at some point. Sometimes therapy for   grief or trauma therapy can help you return to feeling good again. You might also benefit from couples counseling with someone who knows how to work with trauma and grief. 


I offer the tools (like EMDR therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis and EFT), experience and expertise to help you work through your trauma and grief. 

You deserve to be happy in life again. You don't have to suffer through this forever, and sacrifice your happiness and relationships for what happened in the past.

How I can help you with EMDR Therapy, Ericksonian hypnosis, SFBT and EFT

I use several tools to help you cope better so you can create the life that you want and deserve.

  • EMDR therapy helps you process the loss or trauma differently in your brain so that it doesn’t feel like it just happened. Then you can see it from a more mature, neutral position and free herself from its emotional grip.

  • Ericksonian hypnosis allows you to view what happened from a safe distance and learn how to live with the reality of it, as well as introduces new skills and resources to deal with life more effectively.

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy guides you in how you have coped with unfortunate events in the past, and emphasizes your strengths and skills rather than focusing on how bad you’re doing.

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, or EFT/EFCT focuses on here-and-now interactions between you and your partners that cause you to not get along, and helps you change how you interact. You learn new patterns of relating to your partner and how to shift from being reactive from your attachment wounds, to interacting more considerately and compassionately in real time.

Are you ready to get emotionally unstuck from your loss or trauma? Do you think EMDR and hypnosis or some other tools might help you with your grief, trauma or alienation?

Please call so we can how  we can create a healthier, happier, more satisfying life for you.

Clients I love to help

Clients I Love to Help with EMDR, Ericksonian Hypnosis, SFBT and EFT

  • Trauma Survivors

  • Teens & adults dealing with grief and loss (mourners)

  • LGBTQ+ Community

  • Teens & Tweens

  • Couples & Other Love Relationships

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