Online Therapy

Are you wanting psychotherapy or coaching, but don't have much time to go to a therapist's or coach's office? Do you have an injury or illness that makes it hard to get to appointments reliably? Do you have extreme anxiety about leaving the house? Are your childcare needs keeping you from being able to get help?


Video therapy can help! And I am pleased to announce that I am offering psychotherapy and coaching via video conferencing. I use a platform called SecureVideo, which is secure and compliant with the HIPAA law. In addition, it has the documents needed for the first session already on the platform, so it's secure and easy to fill them out and return them electronically.


Your insurance may not cover this service, but there are some plans that are forward-thinking and do cover distance psychotherapy. If you would like to find out, please call the office and provide your insurance information during the intake. We will verify it and let you know. 


This is a good option if you are wanting individual therapy and are not currently abusing substances or in crisis (feeling like hurting yourself, others, or having difficulty managing your behavior when you're upset). Please give us a call to see if this would be a good fit for your needs.


Please note that I am licensed to practice psychotherapy in the State of California only; if you are from another state or are visiting another state in the USA or another country, I cannot conduct psychotherapy with you while you are outside of this state. Thank you very much; I look forward to discussing your needs with you soon!



Contact Me

I look forward to helping you move forward with your life. Please call my office at 661-233-6771 to see if I am the right fit for you. You can also email me below.

Lisa S. Larsen, Psy.D.

(CA Lic. #PSY19046)

3123 West Avenue L-8

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