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Guided meditations for relaxation, sleep, and self-discovery!

Welcome to the products section of my website! Here you will find recorded guided meditations that help you leave behind stress, worry, and emotional upset. If you have stress in your life, as most people do, you may find that it is difficult to feel calm and secure. You may experience anxiety and worry much of the time, or it may be hard to check in with yourself and observe what you’re feeling without getting emotionally invested in it.

Trauma survivors and people who have lost someone suddenly or unexpectedly may feel unsafe in the world and terribly alone. Alternatively, you might be preoccupied with your health and feeling comfortable in your body. You’ve become very practiced in getting yourself upset, even though you never meant to. If you can imagine negative things and pay attention to uncomfortable states of awareness, you can also become absorbed in pleasant experiences that calm you down. These recorded guided meditations can help you change your mental state and feel better physically and emotionally.

Safe place meditation

If you feel hypervigilant or you’re always on guard, you might find that listening to the Safe Place Meditation is a good place to start. Taking the time to create a safe place within can be helpful because once you have that experience, you can go back to it as often as you want or need. Like any skill, repetition builds greater mastery over what you’re trying to do. This means that repeated listening of this recording makes for greater ease in going back to this pleasant internal state.

Awareness within guided meditation

If you struggle to know what you’re thinking or feeling, so you can communicate with other people or just to be in touch with yourself, you might find Awareness Within useful so you can learn to become more aware of your internal state. Knowing what is happening with you physically and emotionally helps you make that her use of therapy, allows you to reduce impulsivity and emotional reactivity, and increases your emotional intelligence. If you can learn how to recognize what you’re feeling and thinking, you have a better chance of explaining that to other people when you’re upset, or when you want something. It is a good foundational skill for being a self-aware human being.

Peaceful sleep guided meditation

A lot of trauma survivors and people in mourning have difficulty sleeping. You might feel on edge and have difficulty letting go of stress. Your anxiety or depression might be interfering with sleep as well. The recording that helps you with sleep is Peaceful Sleep. As with all the other recordings, please only listen to this when you are in a safe, quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 minutes.


The nice thing about the sleep meditation is that it does not reorient you to being awaken conscious, so you can listen to it and just remain comfortably absorbed in your sleep. You don’t have to worry about someone waking you up out of the state that you achieved during the recording.

Be well guided meditation

You may have also developed concern about your physical well-being with the COVID-19 epidemic and other health concerns that may have developed over time. For this reason, I created the Be Well meditation. Consider it a gift to yourself so you can learn to live in greater harmony with your body, mind, and spirit.

With time, more recordings and products will be added to this page. The time being, I hope you find these recordings helpful for your healing journey. These recordings are not a replacement for mental health treatment or physical health treatment. They are merely tools to help you gain greater peaceful awareness of your internal state. If any questions or concerns arise while you’re listening to them, please let me know and I would be happy to talk to you about working together therapeutically.


If you, as a client, receive a recording for hypnosis from me, Lisa S. Larsen, PsyD, please understand the following precautions:

  1. Please do not listen to the recording while you are driving or doing anything that requires your full, conscious attention. If you must listen in your car, make sure that the engine is off and you are parked in a comfortable, safe place we will not be disturbed or endangered.

  2. Recordings work best if you are in a place where outside stimuli (i.e., people/animals) will not disturb you.

  3. Repetition of listening helps you practice going into hypnosis and absorbing whatever messages you find most helpful.

  4. Please do not share the recordings with other people, as each hypnotic session is made specifically for you.

If you receive a commercial recording, i.e. a general recording for a specific purpose, please respect my copyright and do not distribute it to other people without my expressed permission. Commercial recordings are not meant to substitute medical or psychological treatment. They are for your comfort and self-discovery, but they do not constitute medical or psychological treatment on their own.

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