I offer a variety of services to help you overcome the problem you're experiencing. EMDR therapy can be very helpful for trauma recovery. Clinical hypnosis be helpful for variety of issues, including weight loss, smoking cessation, sleep, anxiety, trauma and loss. Traditional talk therapy, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused therapy, can be very hopeful in identifying faulty thought patterns and developing skills to regain the life that you want and deserve. I provide all of this online through HIPAA secure video therapy, so that you can enjoy the benefits of treatment without the commute, the childcare hassles, and the expense of gas. Some people do video therapy on their lunch breaks or just after work in their car. Others like to get therapy while lounging in bed or bring their PJs. Online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy for most conditions.

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Life & Wellness Coaching

When you aren't suffering emotionally or mentally, but your life is not what you want it to be, life and wellness coaching can help you rev up your potential so that you have more of what you want in life. Life coaching is the next step in getting the life you want and deserve. Do you want to achieve a new level of success and happiness in your life, but you're not sure how? You have all the basics covered: food; shelter; clothes; emotional stability; a job, etc. Yet something is missing in your life, a spark or a dream unfulfilled. Realizing your potential and finding a life of inspiration and meaning are yours for the asking; you just need a little help to manifest that dream. Maybe you want to get in shape and enjoy a fit, slender body but don't know how to get started. Perhaps you want to change careers or retire but you're afraid to take the leap, and just need someone to help you gather the courage to do so. All of these topics can be explored in a safe, encouraging space with specific goals to keep you on track for getting what you really, really want. Find out more here.