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Emotional Support During COVID-19

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

There’s no doubt that this is a difficult time. In our history. With the coronavirus epidemic, we are confined to our homes mostly and unable to obtain support from other human beings in the usual ways. We depend on one another more than we may realize for touch, comfort, a sense of belonging, and socialization. With all the social distancing and hysteria in the news and our communities, we need more than ever to find ways to connect safely with other human beings.

African-American man wrapped in huge white cord; COVID-19
Wrapped up in despair? You are not the only one during the coronavirus epidemic

In addition, people who already suffered from depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief are having to contend with many changes in their routine, as well as the world at large. The changes seem to be coming all at once – so much to process! Psychotherapy, which used to only happen face-to-face in person, can now be done over the phone or computer. This can be a way to connect safely and receive professional help in coping with chaotic and uncertain times.

Video Therapy is Easy to Use and Convenient

I provide psychotherapy over a HIPAA-compliant video platform, called SecureVideo. During this time, many insurance companies are covering video therapy. You might want to check in with your insurance and see if it covers tele-mental health and if so, for how long.

Want to prevent getting COVID-19? See your therapist online

While vaccinations are fantastic, people are still getting COVID-19 and there are still other things that can make you sick if you're in person with another human. The cold and flu are still present, especially in winter. While not always deadly, it can make you sick enough to wish you'd stayed home.

We can truly get through this together. You can learn coping strategies and entrust your fears and sorrows to someone who understands and will listen deeply. You don’t have to cope with your boredom, loneliness, frustration, fears, and depression all by yourself. I encourage you to call today to make an appointment: 661-233-6771.

woman looking at a camera and being logged into the internet
Video therapy is safe and convenient

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