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How Do I Lose Weight With Hypnosis?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

We all have that one item that would make our lives a lot better — if only we did it. But getting ourselves to do it somehow eludes us. Whether it is a physical act, a mental discipline, or a spiritual practice, it can be simple and yet difficult. It can be very hard to achieve because we make it hard.

How Do I Switch My Preferences?

We have an unwillingness to adopt it as a new behavior.  Yet when we step back and see how not adopting that behavior affects us, we smack our heads with how long we’ve suffered by doing the opposite of this one thing. Many people seek weight loss hypnosis but are not sure what to expect or how it will help them. Hypnosis can help you reframe the importance of that one item. You can start to feel more in control of your cravings and have a different experience of power and control.

What is Your Eating Habit Costing You?

One way that can help to overcome this unwillingness is to think about how it holds you back from success. What are the negative consequences of avoiding that one action or item? How long are you willing to suffer these consequences as a result of not taking action? What is your absolute line-in-the-sand ultimatum, the thing that we cannot stand to lose if we keep procrastinating on that one thing? How bad does it need to get before we consider taking action?

We have very creative imaginations, and just as we can create a vivid picture of how desirable that item is, we can also create a picture of how uncomfortable or unpleasant our lives would become if we persisted in indulging that one item.

Our unconscious minds might be reluctant to picture that, because to do so would mean giving up the item. We know that at a deep level. So if our conscious minds choose to persist in using or consuming that item, we will do everything in our power to justify its use to ourselves. But our unconscious minds are wiser and can be helpful in seeing the bigger picture, the one that shows us how that item can mess up our lives if we do not stop.

Not Ready to Give it up? You're Not alone!

I once knew a very wonderful person who kept having health problems because of eating a certain item. It would cause very painful consequences, physically, and would make this person’s life a living hell with all the pain and disability it caused. I asked him one day, “It seems like every time you eat that item, your health really plummets. Why do you continue to eat it?”

Almost lightning-fast, he responded, “that’s not something I’m willing to give up!” It was a sharp, angry, defensive response that told me, “back off!” So I did. But I often wondered, “How long will you be willing to suffer before you surrender to the idea that you can’t eat that anymore? Do you love to eat that so much that you’re willing to suffer incredible pain?”

I hope someday he connects his actions to the consequences and decides to eliminate that food item. It is more than just a matter of discipline — it is a matter of respect and love for oneself. Yet sometimes we can think that we love ourselves consciously, without realizing how our behavior suggests otherwise.

If this person were a weight loss hypnosis client, I could have helped him integrate the conscious and unconscious parts of his mind. Then he could have treated his body with love and respect and given up that item. I have worked with people who have been able to change the way they eat, the products they put in and on their bodies, and even how they talk to themselves. With the unconscious mind out of the way, there is so much room for change and growth.

What Item Controls you? Can Weight Loss Hypnosis Help?

You may have been thinking about your own item that you keep using, despite negative consequences for your life. Maybe you are asking yourself, “what would it take to give that item up?” You might even think that now is the time to give hypnosis a chance. And you know at some level that if you call right now, you can enjoy success in reducing the control that item has over you. Please call 661-233-6771.



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