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Interview with Brandon Baker at the Coach's Circle Podcast

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

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Hello everyone, hope you are all safe and well. I recently was interviewed by Brandon Baker at the Coach’s Circle Podcast. It was a great opportunity to explain EMDR therapy and my work with people in the LGBTQQIA community. It also talks about some of the pitfalls of the education we get around coaching. If you would like to know more about the Coach’s Circle, that information is also included in the interview. I hope you enjoy this recorded interview and keep me in mind for trauma therapy as well as support around loss, grief, and significant transitions in your life.

Brandon Baker’s information on the Coach's Circle:

The Coach's Circle Podcast is produced by Life Coach Path, an online educational resource for anybody looking to start a thriving coaching practice. LCP publishes information on the subjects of certification, starting a coaching business, and the latest coaching methods and techniques. To read their most recent blog post, click here

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